Monday, 22 January 2018

Get Reckon Accounts Business 2013 On Windows 8.1

Reckon Technical Support

Reckon has many different tools to use by professionals, bookkeepers, and accountants. The applications can be installed on to the computer, laptop, tablet, and Mac. It is the best accounting software for small and large businesses to manage their payroll, bills, cash flow and other important tasks.

Availability of Reckon Support

This software is quite popular in today’s market as taking its membership is very useful for getting business updates. The support team helps the customers to understand each and every feature of this tool.To run Reckon Accounts Business 2013 on Windows 8.1, you need to have a look at these points to make sure of a smooth installation and running of this tool.

  • Users, first time using Windows 8 series: Enable needed Windows features;
  • Set the tool launch icon to Run as Administrator.
  • Setting up of PDF converter to a separate port.
  • Set compatibility View Settings in Internet Explorer v11.

Now, you have to set the PDF Converter to a separate printer port.

  1. Open the downloaded file of Accounts Business 2013 by clicking on Run as administrator.
  2. Make a right click on the icon to select Properties and then click Compatibility.
  3. Checkmark the box beside Run this program as an administrator option.
  4. If asked to enter Admin password, then type the same and click OK button to close the window.
  5. Now, you have to set the PDF Converter to a separate printer port.
  6. After doing this, turn on Compatibility View settings on Internet Explorer v11. This can be done by opening Tools>Compatibility View Settings and then type in the Add Section. Click Close and then OK.
  7. Next, disable Enhanced Protection Mode by going to Tools> Internet Options> Security. Select the Internet icon and then move to Security level for this zone. Remove the tick from the box beside Enable Protected Mode option.
  8. Now, restart Internet Explorer and then click Activate.
  9. Again, turn on the Enhanced Protection Mode and restart IE.

So, this was the complete process to get Reckon Accounts Business 2013 on your system. Open the tool and perform your task. If some errors stop your way, then don’t worry and don’t lose temper as we have the solution to every problem. Just make a single call on our Reckon Customer Support Number New Zealand 099509151 and get an instant solution from our experts. We are present for our customers at any time. Avail our hassle-free service without facing any hindrance.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Why Business Needs Reckon And How It Works?

Reckon Accounting Software is supporting to any business as like its backbone. Everyone not only wants to grow, they want to grow fast.  All are moving so rapidly. There is no doubt that technology is running with its 100 speed. If you will not start to run, you will lack behind. Competitors will start crushing you like anything. This is the primary reason why you have to adapt the technology. There is nothing wrong in it. It makes things very easy to be done.

Here our Reckon support team of New Zealand elaborates you why it is needed and how it actually works.

Do you running small scale business?


If you are running to a small scale business than less or more you also want to grow. You must have limited resources to spend.  Everything should get manage within to it. Here the technology actually works. Where you find yourself to be bound with the limited resources. No one will get ready to help you out.  Here, only technology left who will stands beside you.It hardly matters, whatever business you are running it has a worth.  When things come to the accounts or finance manpower has maximum chance to made mistakes. Here Reckon offers you to use it for all the accounting things. Believe it, it is very trustworthy and non- partially software you are choosing.

It is not only for small scale you can use anywhere for accounting purposes. There is no poor or negative performance had ever occurred by the Reckon. Accounting is very crucial thing because the business is stand on the bases of finance. When you will not have any proper record for any payments. It might not create problems in the starting, but things will get jumbled and you will not even able to find a way to come out from the web. Lastly you get the idea about why it requires.

Now come to next that how it works?

  • The user needs to add all the accounts there. So that it keeps on check on each account.
  • Add each and every entry for the veracious record. By doing this you will never struck with payments. You can show each detail to your clients.
  • It adds the value to your records, and enhances the brand value of your company.
  • Always use “Adjust Payroll Liabilities” feature for batter durability.
  • Remove the accounts which in not exists.

Rest it will handle itself. It is very easy to use and have significant points which can drag you to use it.We can conclude here with the idea that you get enough idea about Reckon Accounting Software. If you still want to know more kindly contact to our expert team of Reckon Technical Support Number +64- 099509151 we love to share idea with you.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

What Are The Steps To Map Reckon Payroll Items?

It is one of the latest online accounting software used to create the unlimited invoice, payroll and other accounting work can easily be done. A user can try this software online as a trial version to create the invoice, bank data, projects, and payroll. If you are an existing user of this accounting software, then you might be aware of all the benefits of using this software. To map Payroll items, read this blog and follow the instructions guided below.

The whole process includes three methods i.e. By Employee, By Customer/Service Item/Class, and by Employee Selection.

Points to remember:
  • This feature can be used only by administrators or payroll managers.
  • This setup should be made after integrating TSheets and Reckon and prior to exploring timesheet data from Tsheets to Reckon.
  • Set up pay items of an employee according to the half/double time and assign them to the attendant pay templates.
By Employee
  1. Go to Reckon in Tsheets from top-right corner and select Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the Payroll Item Mapping Tool button and then click an employee’s name from Employee Map tab.
  3. You will see hour type column, select a payroll item in each column that will be connected with it when hours will be exported from Tsheets to Reckon. Selection will be saved automatically. 
By Customer/Service Item/Class
  1. After following above steps go to Reckon and select Preferences.
  2. Select the Payroll Item Mapping Tool button to move further.
  3. Click Change Settings link and then select Allow override of Employee Payroll Items by and Customer, Service Item, or Class.
  4. Now, from the Customer Map tab, click Select Customer and choose a customer from the list.
  5. Thereafter, click one payroll item each under Regular and Overtime option.
  6. Finally, select ‘Done with settings’.
Employee Selection
  1. First of all, go to Tsheets and select Preferences from the options.
  2. Select Payroll Item Mapping Tool button and move ahead to next step.
  3. Now, go to Change Settings link and click ‘Let Employees choose Payroll items during time entry’.
  4. When done, click ‘Done with settings’.
I hope you find this article as used to fix the issue faced by you. If not, then call us on Reckon Customer Support Phone Number +64-099509151 and get the advice from our experts to solve any error faced in this software. We are sure to provide the reliable solution in the short period of time to the customers who reach us. Our support members are always prepared with their techniques to fix the technical error confronted by the user. Our team is customer-friendly, so you don’t need to hesitate to discuss your queries related to Reckon. You will be instructed politely to follow the steps so that you can also learn to fix the issue. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Setup Bank Account & Use ABA files to Pay Creditors in Reckon?

Using Reckon as your accounting software you can manage your Budget, do easy transactions and billing, use the software in monetary reporting and also get help in the small business enterprise. Sometimes you may come across few issues that can create a problem in your activity but that can be always solved by Reckon Tech Support. This support team will help you in every step whenever get stuck in between while accessing Reckon software. To set up an account and use ABA files just follow this blog and get rid of your problem.

Firstly before preparing an electronic payment file, perform these "steps to set up a bank account in Reckon for Online banking."
  • Go to the bank account you want to enable for online banking.
  • Click Lists menu and then to Charts of Accounts. Here, choose the bank account to be enabled, give a right-click and then click Edit Account. Now the account details are ready to be edited.
  • Give a click on Online Bank Details.
  • Select the check box of Online Account Access by clicking on it. Reckon creates a number of fields that associate to online banking active. Now provide the compulsory info like Branch code, account number, account type balance record, APCA number etc. about the online bank account set up with your bank.

Use the steps to update Suppliers:

  • Go to Suppliers Centre and click Suppliers Tab.
  • Give double-click on a Supplier.
  • Now give a click on Bank Details Tab and then Enter Account Name (of Supplier), their Bank Account number, Name of the Bank, Branch code and finally OK.
  • Lastly, repeat all suppliers to be paid using ABA files.

Create an online banking file:

  • Browse the Online Banking Centre and at the top click Banking menu and then Online Banking Centre.
  • Scroll down to the section of To Bank.
  • Using the calendar from the Date to be processed field choose the date for the payment to be made on.
  • Provide a description of payment like Creditors or Bills or Pays. A description of “payment” will be displayed in ABA file by default, if you do not provide it.
  • From the displayed list tick Payees. Every payee must have a bank account defined for them under their suppliers or employee record.
  • If you want to review the ABA file before its creation click ‘Preview ABA file’.
  • Now click Create ABA file. 
  • Provide a name for the online banking and select a location to save it, like Desktop.
  • A default folder within the installation directory is provided by Reckon called as Export Files/ ABA Files. You can save your ABA files in this directory and click Save.
  • So the file is ready to upload to the relevant financial institution.
  • Lastly, follow the displayed online instructions to upload the payment file.

We hope you are satisfied with the above process if still your issue is not resolved then you can contact Reckon Technical Support Number 048879113.  The team will provide you all the necessary information regarding Reckon account. Technicians will not only solve this problem but also any other query asked by you. So feel free to make a call and get instant solutions to your issue.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

How to integrate TSheets with Reckon Account?

Reckon best defines its name as “to count or compute’. It is an New Zealand software company which provides accounting software for its users. At present 60,000 businesses are running this software. Using this software decrease the paper work and of course saves the precious time. Keeping paper records is easy if the business is small and has very less number of transactions. But, what about the big businesses who have a lot of transactions every day? And think twice that how difficult it would be to keep paper records for all these functions? By using accounting software you gain extra time to do other important activities.

A computer based system makes it easy to determine your right position at any time. Reckon provides accounting software not only for large business but also for small and medium business and even for self-employed business. Reckon Support is there for any further information; they are available for online support as well. Feel free to contact them.

Get started with the procedure of how to integrate Tsheets with Reckon Account:

  • Open the web page and visit the link
  • Click Try Free.
  • Enter your name and current email address.
  • Fill up the phone number with the strong password.
  • Write down your company name and choose TSheets Web Address.
  • Write down the total number employees in your company.
  • Select your country and click I’m not a robot.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.
  • It will start up with your trial version and after finishing up the trial version, you can buy this software later.
  • After signing into T-sheets account Launch Reckon Accounts and open its company file for which you want to integrate with T-Sheets. 

“Dial Reckon Support Number 048879113 ” for any difficulty with its programme. User can also visit the page of Reckon Community which is a place for their customer to find any answer from their expert, users and their Support. Their help will preserve the precious time and will give you the best possible solution.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Some Issues of Reckon and their Valid Solutions

An accounting software that has benefited millions of people in large number especially the small business owners. A few years back for the same work they were needing notebook and pen but now the technology has approved a lot, they require an electronic device to maintain their records. Registers were not reliable as it could be tattered after some time, water might spill on it or it can be lost also. The computers have a sharp memory for retaining long and old data and one can rely on it blindly. There are separate columns for expenditure done, income generated, cash inflow and outflow, as well as calculations become so simple. Approach Reckon Support for knowing deeper details.

It has some problems also if you have not made the purchase order system. It will mess up your account, so, create the one when you receive anything from the seller. It should be verified against the PO as this will save your time and reduce tension. Not reconciling your transactions of the bank from time to time can also create a ruckus. Ensure that the correct amount is given by the right person and it is put into the right account. The list of the items should be arranged in a proper order with their accurate cost, date, and name. Erase the unnecessary items which are no more into use because it will only increase the crowd.

Deleting the statements without prior knowledge can remove the transaction which is useful. All are interlinked, go through them and then remove. When many people are working on it, it’s quite obvious the functioning will slow down. You must be requiring RAM in a high amount to handle heavy loads. The forgetting of a password is the most common and frequently arising issue in which you need to reinstall QB. There are other software’s also to do this but it might annihilate your system. For the better functioning, remember to make a call at Reckon Support Number 048879113. The talented employees are always there to lend a hand to you.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why Businesses Should Opt for Reckon?

With the rapidly evolving online accounting software systems, now the business owners have the choice on how and from where they can supervise, operate and control their finances. Irrespective of their location, business owners can implement their administrative functions like quickly going through their bank balances, tracking their transactions and forwarding invoices from the office.

Reckon has made the process of evaluating revenue, cash flow, and payroll quick and easy. It helps in securing financial information of business but the user can access the software from anywhere with correct security code.

But, still we all have a question why it is important for the businesses?

Below are the reasons, why it is beneficial for the businesses:

  1. Being a user friendly product, the software is easy to learn and utilize for daily business operations. The user can keep their accounts updated after setting it up. It implies that you don't have to worry much about your accounting details. With few clicks you can maintain and record the entries.
  2. It eliminated the concern of security as the transactions are recorded and maintained online. Besides this, it is quite simple to invoice clients, assessing financial health of business and linking up with bank transactions.
  3. It has removed the burden of maintaining heavy files and reduces the paperwork. Filling out employer forms is accurately is quite easy with online accounting software.
  4. Being online software, it speeds up the process of maintaining and recording transactions than that of manual processing. With the introduction of automation, it helps businesses to enhance their efficiency.
  5. Accuracy is all we think about and is an essential requirement as well. Miscalculations can lead to losses as well as other issues which is not possible with Reckon.
  6. One of the important things to consider is Reckon saves cost. With tight budgets, hiring accountants for small organizations is quite expensive. But with Reckon, this issue has been resolved and the employees can use it without making any error.

These are the important things to consider while choosing the online accounting software.

Dial Reckon Support Number +64-04-8879113 whose team of technicians is here to assist and guide you with the features and advantages of the tool. Our experts are here to help you in fixing the issues and errors related with the software at Reckon accounting software  number NZ.