Saturday, 26 August 2017

How to integrate TSheets with Reckon Account?

Reckon best defines its name as “to count or compute’. It is an New Zealand software company which provides accounting software for its users. At present 60,000 businesses are running this software. Using this software decrease the paper work and of course saves the precious time. Keeping paper records is easy if the business is small and has very less number of transactions. But, what about the big businesses who have a lot of transactions every day? And think twice that how difficult it would be to keep paper records for all these functions? By using accounting software you gain extra time to do other important activities.

A computer based system makes it easy to determine your right position at any time. Reckon provides accounting software not only for large business but also for small and medium business and even for self-employed business. Reckon Support is there for any further information; they are available for online support as well. Feel free to contact them.

Get started with the procedure of how to integrate Tsheets with Reckon Account:

  • Open the web page and visit the link
  • Click Try Free.
  • Enter your name and current email address.
  • Fill up the phone number with the strong password.
  • Write down your company name and choose TSheets Web Address.
  • Write down the total number employees in your company.
  • Select your country and click I’m not a robot.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.
  • It will start up with your trial version and after finishing up the trial version, you can buy this software later.
  • After signing into T-sheets account Launch Reckon Accounts and open its company file for which you want to integrate with T-Sheets. 

“Dial Reckon Support Number 048879113 ” for any difficulty with its programme. User can also visit the page of Reckon Community which is a place for their customer to find any answer from their expert, users and their Support. Their help will preserve the precious time and will give you the best possible solution.

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