Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Setup Bank Account & Use ABA files to Pay Creditors in Reckon?

Using Reckon as your accounting software you can manage your Budget, do easy transactions and billing, use the software in monetary reporting and also get help in the small business enterprise. Sometimes you may come across few issues that can create a problem in your activity but that can be always solved by Reckon Tech Support. This support team will help you in every step whenever get stuck in between while accessing Reckon software. To set up an account and use ABA files just follow this blog and get rid of your problem.

Firstly before preparing an electronic payment file, perform these "steps to set up a bank account in Reckon for Online banking."
  • Go to the bank account you want to enable for online banking.
  • Click Lists menu and then to Charts of Accounts. Here, choose the bank account to be enabled, give a right-click and then click Edit Account. Now the account details are ready to be edited.
  • Give a click on Online Bank Details.
  • Select the check box of Online Account Access by clicking on it. Reckon creates a number of fields that associate to online banking active. Now provide the compulsory info like Branch code, account number, account type balance record, APCA number etc. about the online bank account set up with your bank.

Use the steps to update Suppliers:

  • Go to Suppliers Centre and click Suppliers Tab.
  • Give double-click on a Supplier.
  • Now give a click on Bank Details Tab and then Enter Account Name (of Supplier), their Bank Account number, Name of the Bank, Branch code and finally OK.
  • Lastly, repeat all suppliers to be paid using ABA files.

Create an online banking file:

  • Browse the Online Banking Centre and at the top click Banking menu and then Online Banking Centre.
  • Scroll down to the section of To Bank.
  • Using the calendar from the Date to be processed field choose the date for the payment to be made on.
  • Provide a description of payment like Creditors or Bills or Pays. A description of “payment” will be displayed in ABA file by default, if you do not provide it.
  • From the displayed list tick Payees. Every payee must have a bank account defined for them under their suppliers or employee record.
  • If you want to review the ABA file before its creation click ‘Preview ABA file’.
  • Now click Create ABA file. 
  • Provide a name for the online banking and select a location to save it, like Desktop.
  • A default folder within the installation directory is provided by Reckon called as Export Files/ ABA Files. You can save your ABA files in this directory and click Save.
  • So the file is ready to upload to the relevant financial institution.
  • Lastly, follow the displayed online instructions to upload the payment file.

We hope you are satisfied with the above process if still your issue is not resolved then you can contact Reckon Technical Support Number 048879113.  The team will provide you all the necessary information regarding Reckon account. Technicians will not only solve this problem but also any other query asked by you. So feel free to make a call and get instant solutions to your issue.

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